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Receptionist Using the Sales Rotor

The Sales Rotor:

  • Helps your sales team stay informed and engaged.
  • Eliminates unwanted traffic from your reception area.
  • Provides management with data and reports that can improve your team’s performance.
  • Allows receptionists to be more customer-focused.
  • Can be customized for your gallery’s unique business rules.

This is the Sales Rotor advantage.

Move from Reactive to Responsive Sales Teams

A viewing station allows your team to see real-time updates in a common area such as a lounge or calling room, like flight information in an airport.

The Sales Rotor is accessible from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Your sales team stays informed and your reception area makes a professional and inviting first impression on your customers!

“Because of the Sales Rotor, I always know my position on the line. I can focus on getting in peak state rather than worrying about when I’m going out. So when my tour comes, I’m ready for it!”

Get the message to your team with the Sales Rotor!


The Sales Rotor captures key tour data which allows you to audit daily activity. This data is also a performance management tool; you can track metrics like “turn time” and “tour time” and correlate them to sales statistics.

Microsoft Excel Friendly

Export report data right into Excel.

Tour Date Tour Type Salesperson Tour Start Turn Total TO Name TO Start TO End TO Total Tour End Tour Total
New Buyer Chris 08:27AM 2:04 Fred 10:32AM 11:54AM 1:21 11:54AM 3:26
Owner Tour Jessica 08:29AM 0:53 John 09:22AM 09:42AM 0:19 09:42AM 1:13
Owner Tour Kimo 08:30AM 0:45 Darrin 09:15AM 10:11AM 0:55 10:34AM 2:04
Owner Tour Jared 08:34AM 1:39 Fred 10:14AM 10:29AM 0:15 10:29AM 1:54
New Buyer Jake 08:53AM 1:42 John 10:35AM 11:28AM 0:52 11:28AM 2:35
New Buyer Tzu 08:54AM 1:16 Darrin 10:11AM 10:51AM 0:40 10:51AM 1:56
New Buyer Paula 08:56AM 1:46 Darrin 10:43AM 10:57AM 0:14 10:57AM 2:01
Owner Tour Ed 09:00AM 1:17 John 10:17AM 10:35AM 0:17 10:50AM 1:50
Bounce Back Melissa 09:42AM 09:51AM 0:08
Bounce Back Deidre 10:29AM 10:35AM 0:06
Bounce Back Melissa 10:34AM 10:47AM 0:13
Bounce Back Deidre 10:57AM 11:04AM 0:07
Owner Tour Brittany 11:11AM 2:12 Darrin 01:23PM 01:30PM 0:06 01:30PM 2:18
Bounce Back Misti 04:47PM 04:57PM 0:10

“The Rotor Reports help me identify Sales Executives who may be deviating from the script. I know when Sales Executives are turning the table too early, or too late. The reports are a great coaching tool and I have used them to increase my team’s production. Thank you Sales Rotor!”


“The Sales Rotor is so easy to use, and it really keeps us organized. It’s like a magnet board but better. It eliminated all of our manual reporting and time tracking. Our reception team loves it!”


The Sales Rotor is set up for your gallery’s custom business rules.

The SALES ROTOR does not consume or store Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of employees or guests.


Sales Rotor includes a Wave Table. Your team will be prepared and in peak state when their tour comes up.

“At reception, we can be more focused on the customers because the sales team doesn’t bother us as much. They used to call us all the time and hang around the desk. Now they just check the Sales Rotor from their computers or their phones.”

Todays Sales Box

The Today’s Sales table is a leaderboard for your Sales Team that generates buzz in the gallery.


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